Toasted soda bread with blue cheese and pear

Treat yourself to the delicious combination of toasted soda bread, creamy Danish blue cheese and juicy pears in this delicious vegetarian lunch. Our recipe offers a healthy twist by using seeded soda bread, which provides a filling crunch and an array of nutritious seeds. The hearty blue cheese perfectly balances the sweetness of ripe pears, creating a harmonious salty-sweet flavor profile. For a delicious texture, we generously sprinkle crunchy walnuts on top, adding a nutty touch to every bite. Treat yourself to this quick and easy lunch full of irresistible flavors and healthy ingredients.


  • 2 slices of seeded whole wheat soda bread (see what goes with it)
  • 50 g Danish blue cheese
  • 2 tsp rapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • a pinch of English mustard powder
  • 1 small garlic clove, finely grated
  • 85g bag mixed leaf lettuce (choose one with endive and radicchio)
  • 1 large or 2 small pears, halved, cored and sliced ​​(no need to peel)
  • 20g walnuts, roughly chopped



If you are making a packed lunch, spread the cheese on the toast and take the lettuce, pear and nuts with a separate pot of dressing. Slice the pear just before eating to preserve nutrients and prevent browning.

Preparation steps

  1. Toast the bread while preparing the dressing: mash 15 g of blue cheese with oil, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic and 1 tbsp of water.
  2. Stack the lettuce leaves on two plates.
  3. Spread the remaining cheese on the toast, it doesn’t matter if it gets cold.
  4. Top the toast with the pear slices.
  5. Scatter the walnut pieces over the pear.
  6. Drizzle the prepared dressing over the lettuce leaves.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Nutritional Information

378 18g 6g 36g 11g 8g 14g 1g

Equipment and tools

To make the Blue Cheese and Pear Toasted Soda Bread, you will need the following equipment and tools:

  • Toaster or grill
  • Small bowl
  • Whisk or fork
  • Garlic grater or fine grater
  • Knife for cutting the pears
  • dulcimer
  • Knife for chopping the walnuts
  • Serving plate or board

Allergen information

The Blue Cheese and Pear Toasted Soda Bread recipe contains the following allergens:

  • Gluten from soda bread
  • Dairy made from Danish blue cheese
  • Tree nuts from walnuts

Please be aware of these allergens if you or anyone consuming the dish suffers from allergies or dietary restrictions.

Storage and leftovers

If you have leftovers or want to save the Blue Cheese Pear Toasted Soda Bread, follow these guidelines:

  1. Allow the dish to cool completely.
  2. Store the bread separately from lettuce, pears and nuts to prevent it from getting soggy.
  3. Place bread, cheese, and salad in separate airtight containers.
  4. Store the lettuce and cheese in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
  5. The bread is best eaten within a day but can be stored in an airtight bag or container at room temperature.
  6. When ready to consume it, assemble the ingredients and garnish the salad just before serving.

Health Benefits of Toasted Soda Bread with Blue Cheese and Pear

Health Benefits of Toasted Soda Bread with Blue Cheese and Pear

Soda bread is a traditional Irish bread made with baking powder instead of yeast. It is a healthier alternative to regular bread as it contains no added sugar or preservatives. When toasted, soda bread develops a delicious crunchy texture that pairs perfectly with the creamy Danish blue cheese and sweet pear in this recipe.

1. Rich in fiber

The whole grain seeded soda bread used in this recipe is high in fiber. Fiber is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and promoting regular bowel movements. It also helps prevent constipation and can aid weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer.

2. Nutrient-rich blue cheese

Danish blue cheese is a type of blue cheese that offers several health benefits. It is a good source of calcium, which is crucial for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Blue cheese also contains protein and essential vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin K. Additionally, it is a probiotic food that promotes a healthy gut by providing beneficial bacteria to the digestive system.

3. Heart-Healthy Canola Oil

Rapeseed oil is used in this recipe due to its mild and nutty taste. Compared to other cooking oils, it is a healthier option because it is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fats, including omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to have numerous heart health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and inflammation.

4. Digestive apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, a popular ingredient in vinaigrettes and dressings, is included in the recipe’s dressing. It aids digestion by promoting the production of stomach acid, which helps break down food. Apple cider vinegar can also help control blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.

5. Nutritious salad

The mixed leaf lettuce used in this recipe provides a range of vitamins and minerals. Endive and radicchio are particularly nutritious and contain antioxidants that help protect against cell damage and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

6. Energy-boosting pears and walnuts

Pears are a low-calorie fruit that provides plenty of fiber as well as important vitamins and minerals. They are also a great source of energy due to their natural sugars. Walnuts, on the other hand, are rich in heart-healthy fats, proteins, and various beneficial plant compounds that have been linked to improved brain health.

Overall, this Blue Cheese Pear Toasted Soda Bread recipe combines a variety of ingredients that provide numerous health benefits. From the fiber-rich soda bread to the nutrient-dense salad to the energy-boosting pears and walnuts, this dish is not only delicious but also promotes a balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

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