Shrimp, avocado and soybean salad

The Shrimp Avocado Soybean Salad is a delicious dish that combines a tantalizing combination of flavors and textures. Juicy shrimp, creamy avocado, and protein-rich soybeans form the base of this green salad, making for a healthy and satisfying meal.

The taste of the dish is refined by the addition of aromatic coriander, which gives it a refreshing herbal note. The sweetness of the chili sauce balances the overall flavor perfectly. For a cool and crunchy touch, we add fresh cucumber slices, which provide a contrasting and invigorating crunch.

This salad is not only delicious but also full of goodness. It offers an abundance of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a nutritious and filling meal. So treat yourself to this harmonious mix of ingredients and enjoy every bite of this delicious salad.


  • 85g frozen soybeans
  • 85 g cooked and peeled king prawns
  • 2 tsp sweet chili sauce
  • Zest and juice of 1 lime
  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ small ripe avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into small pieces
  • ¼ cucumber, cut into small pieces
  • small pack of coriander leaves
  • small pack of baby lettuce leaves

Preparation steps

  1. Cook the soybeans in a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes until soft, then drain and cool under cold water.
  2. Mix the shrimp with the sweet chili and lime zest.
  3. Mix oil, lime juice and some spices to make a dressing.
  4. Mix together soybeans, avocado, cucumber and cilantro.
  5. Pour the dressing over and stir.
  6. Top with shrimp and lettuce leaves.

Nutritional Information

Equipment and tools

To prepare this shrimp, avocado and soybean salad recipe, you will need the following equipment and tools:

  • dulcimer
  • Knife
  • Bowl
  • tablespoon

Allergen information

This Shrimp, Avocado and Soybean Salad recipe may contain the following allergens:

  • Crustaceans (shrimp)
  • soy

Storage and leftovers

If you have leftovers of this Shrimp Avocado Soybean Salad, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Make sure you consume it within this time frame to ensure freshness.

Health Benefits of Shrimp, Avocado and Soybean Salad

The combination of shrimp, avocado, and soybeans makes this salad not only delicious, but also full of important nutrients. Let’s explore the health benefits of each ingredient:


Soybeans are a great source of plant-based protein, making them an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. They are also rich in fiber, which aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy weight. In addition, soybeans contain isoflavones, which have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.


Shrimp are low in fat and calories but high in protein. They are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain health and reducing inflammation in the body. In addition, shrimp provide important nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which support a healthy immune system and promote skin health.


Avocado is a nutrient-dense fruit that is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats help improve cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Avocado is also a great source of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, and vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports healthy skin and hair.


Limes are a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient that boosts the immune system and supports collagen production for healthy skin. Lime juice also gives the salad a refreshing touch.

olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil used in this recipe provides healthy fats and antioxidants. It’s rich in monounsaturated fats, which can help reduce inflammation and improve heart health.


Cucumbers are hydrating vegetables with a high water content. They are low in calories and a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K and potassium. Cucumbers also add a refreshing spice to the salad.

Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves not only add a special flavor to the salad but also offer several health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants and are traditionally used to support digestion and relieve inflammation.

Baby lettuce leaves

Baby lettuce leaves such as spinach or lettuce are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. They provide a variety of antioxidants that support overall health.

By combining these nutritious ingredients, Shrimp, Avocado and Soybean Salad provides a range of health benefits, supporting heart health, immune function, brain health and overall well-being.

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