Ham with juicy cranberry mushroom sauce

This recipe “Ham with juicy cranberry and mushroom sauce” is a treat intended exclusively for non-Muslims due to the pork content. It offers a simple and enjoyable solution to use up leftover Christmas ham in a delicious way. The addition of a juicy cranberry-mushroom sauce further enhances the flavor and makes this dish even more satisfying. With just a few steps, you can prepare a delicious meal that will leave everyone wanting more. Try this recipe and enjoy a delicious way to make the most of your holiday leftovers!


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • a large piece of butter
  • 250 g chestnut mushrooms, halved
  • 4 tbsp port wine or red wine
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of cranberry sauce
  • 150 ml hot water
  • 2 clementines, satsumas or tangerines, juice only
  • 1 teaspoon stock powder or ½ cube chicken stock, crumbled
  • a splash of soy sauce
  • approx. 350g leftover cooked ham, cut into rough slices

Preparation steps

  1. To fry the mushrooms, heat oil and butter in a skillet over high heat until butter foams.
  2. Add the mushrooms and fry for 4-5 minutes until golden brown.
  3. To make the sauce, pour in the port or wine to deglaze the pan.
  4. Reduce heat and stir in cranberry sauce until dissolved.
  5. Pour in hot water and fruit juice.
  6. Sprinkle bouillon powder or bouillon cubes over it.
  7. Add about a spoonful of soy sauce and stir well.
  8. Increase the heat and cook the sauce quickly for a few minutes until slightly reduced.
  9. Slide in the ham and heat for a minute or two.
  10. Taste for seasoning and serve.

Nutritional Information

215 10g 3g 8g 4g 1g 20g 3.04g

Equipment and tools

To prepare this recipe you will need the following equipment and tools:

  • A large skillet or skillet
  • A wooden spoon or spatula
  • A sharp knife
  • One tablespoon
  • A cutting board
  • A grater (for the clementine peel)
  • A measuring cup

Allergen information

This recipe may contain the following allergens:

  • Dairy products: butter
  • Soy: soy sauce

Storage and leftovers

If you have leftover ham with juicy cranberry mushroom sauce, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. When reheating, make sure the ham is thoroughly heated before serving.

Health Benefits of Ham with Juicy Cranberry Mushroom Sauce

The dish “Ham with juicy cranberry mushroom sauce” not only pampers your taste buds, but also offers numerous health benefits. Let’s explore the health benefits of each ingredient:

olive oil

Olive oil, a key ingredient in this recipe, is rich in monounsaturated fats, which are considered heart-healthy fats. It helps lower bad cholesterol, promotes a healthy heart, and contributes to overall cardiovascular health.

Chestnut mushrooms

Chestnut mushrooms are not only delicious but also provide several health benefits. They are low in calories and fat, but rich in essential nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Consuming mushrooms can support a healthy immune system, increase energy levels, and contribute to healthy digestion.

Port wine or red wine

In moderation, red wine or port wine can have health-promoting effects due to their antioxidant content. The presence of antioxidants such as resveratrol may help protect against oxidative stress and reduce the risk of heart disease. However, it is important to consume alcohol in moderation and to seek medical advice if you have any specific health concerns.

Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is not only a delicious side dish, but also a nutritional powerhouse. Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals that contribute to improved urinary tract health, reduced inflammation, and a stronger immune system.

Clementines, satsumas or tangerines

The juice of clementines, satsumas or tangerines gives the dish a spicy sweetness. Citrus fruits like these are excellent sources of vitamin C, which plays an important role in boosting the immune system and supporting collagen production for healthy skin.

Stock powder or chicken stock cubes

Adding bouillon powder or chicken bouillon cubes enhances the flavor of the sauce. Although it may contain sodium, in moderation it adds important minerals to the dish and can be a source of hydration.

soy sauce

Soy sauce not only gives the dish a savory taste, but also contains essential amino acids and minerals. It can be a source of antioxidants and provide certain health benefits such as: B. improved digestion and a lower risk of heart disease.

Leftover cooked ham

The leftover cooked ham is the star of this recipe. Ham is a good source of protein, important vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc and vitamin B12. It can support muscle growth and repair, support red blood cell formation, and contribute to overall energy production.

By combining these ingredients, Ham with Boozy Cranberry & Mushroom Sauce provides a delicious and nutritious meal that offers various health benefits.

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