Halloumi, watermelon and bulgur salad

A filling vegetarian salad with contrasting flavors and textures. The salty cheese is cooled by crunchy, sweet watermelon. This halloumi, watermelon and bulgur salad is bursting with freshness and vitality. The nutty bulgur provides a delicious bite, while the tender watermelon adds a juicy and refreshing note. Refined with a spicy dressing and garnished with fresh herbs, this salad is perfect for a light lunch or side dish. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just looking for a refreshing summer salad, this recipe will delight you.


  • 200g bulgar wheat
  • 50g pumpkin seeds
  • 3 tablespoons olive or rapeseed oil
  • 250g pack halloumi cheese, cut into 10-12 slices
  • 1 cucumber, halved lengthwise, seeds scraped out and cut into pieces
  • large bunch of parsley, mint, coriander or basil or a mix, chopped, reserving a few leaves for serving
  • Zest and squeeze 2 lemons
  • ¼ watermelon, cut into pieces, or a 400g package ready made

Preparation steps

  1. Bring the kettle to a boil.
  2. Place the bulgar wheat in a bowl with some spices, pour over enough hot water to just cover it, then cover with cling film and set aside to absorb the liquid while you prepare the remaining ingredients.
  3. Heat a large frying pan and add the pumpkin seeds, toast for a few minutes until the seeds begin to crackle and pop, then place in a bowl and set aside.
  4. Heat a dash of oil in the pan.
  5. Add the halloumi slices and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
  6. Unwrap the bulghar wheat and check if it is tender (if not, cover again and let it rest for another 5 minutes).
  7. All water should be absorbed. If not, allow the excess to drip off.
  8. Add the remaining oil, cucumber, herbs, lemon zest and juice, and pumpkin seeds to the bulgur wheat and mix well.
  9. Transfer to a platter, top with watermelon and halloumi and sprinkle with the reserved herbs.

Nutritional Information

Equipment and tools

To prepare the halloumi watermelon bulgur salad you will need the following equipment and tools:

  • Large mixing bowl
  • Medium pot
  • frying pan
  • Knife
  • cutting board
  • Spatula or tongs
  • measuring spoon
  • measuring cup

Allergen information

The Halloumi Watermelon Bulgur Salad contains the following allergens:

  • Cheese (Halloumi)

Before preparing this recipe, please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, you should consult a doctor.

Storage and leftovers

If you have any leftover Halloumi Watermelon Bulgur Salad, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. To keep the salad fresh and vibrant, separate the dressing and store it separately. To eat, toss the salad with the dressing and garnish with fresh herbs before serving.

Before eating the leftovers, be sure to check for any signs of spoilage, such as an unpleasant odor or mold. If the leftovers appear spoiled, discard them immediately.

Halloumi Watermelon Bulgur Salad: Boost your health with a flavorful twist

Healthy eating doesn’t mean compromising on taste, and Halloumi Watermelon Bulgur Salad is a perfect example of a dish that combines good nutrients and delicious flavors. Packed with fresh ingredients like bulgur wheat, halloumi cheese, cucumber, herbs and watermelon, this salad offers a range of health benefits that are both filling and nutritious. So let’s look at the nutritional benefits that each ingredient brings.

1. Bulgarian wheat
The base of this salad, bulgur wheat, is a whole grain that is not only delicious but also full of nutrients. It is a great source of fiber, which aids digestion, promotes satiety, and helps maintain a healthy weight. In addition, bulgur wheat contains vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and B vitamins, which are essential for energy production and general well-being.

2. Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are packed with essential nutrients and add a delicious flavor to the salad. These little powerhouses are a great source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, making them an excellent weight management snack. In addition, they are rich in vitamins E and K as well as minerals such as magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, contributing to improved heart health and a strengthened immune system.

3. Olive or rapeseed oil
The dressing for this salad calls for olive or canola oil, both heart-healthy alternatives. These oils are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are known to lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, they contain beneficial antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to overall well-being.

4. Halloumi cheese
Although it may seem surprising, halloumi cheese can be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. It is a good source of protein, essential for muscle repair and formation. In addition, halloumi provides important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, contributing to strong bones and teeth.

5. Cucumber
Cucumbers are mostly water, making them an excellent hydrating ingredient for any salad. They are low in calories and high in fiber, which promotes weight loss and aids digestion. Additionally, cucumbers are rich in vitamins such as vitamin K and vitamin C, which support healthy skin and immune function.

6. Fresh herbs
Whether you choose parsley, mint, cilantro, or basil, the fresh herbs in this salad add flavor and numerous health benefits. These herbs are rich in antioxidants that protect our cells from free radical damage. In addition, they contain important vitamins and minerals that contribute to improved digestion and a strengthened immune system.

7. Watermelon
The star of this salad, watermelon, not only provides a sweet and refreshing taste, but also offers several health benefits. It is a hydrating fruit composed primarily of water that helps maintain proper hydration levels. Watermelon is also a great source of vitamins A and C and supports healthy skin, immune function and eye health.

By combining these nutritious ingredients, Halloumi Watermelon Bulgur Salad offers a variety of health benefits. From supporting weight management and digestion to promoting heart health and boosting immune function, this salad is a delicious way to fuel your body with essential nutrients. So why not treat yourself to this aromatic and nutritious salad that truly combines the best of both worlds – taste and health?

(Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor or nutritionist before making any significant changes to your diet.)

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