Grilled mackerel drizzled with ginger, chili and lime

Make mackerel a delicious staple in your weekly menu with this vibrant, Asian-inspired dish. This succulent grilled mackerel recipe combines a tantalizing combination of tangy ginger, fiery chilli and tangy squeeze of lime. Perfect for outdoor gatherings and warm summer days, this sensational creation will take your grilling experience to the next level. Enjoy the delicious blend of flavors as the mackerel is grilled to perfection. Spice up your culinary repertoire and enjoy the taste of the Orient with this delicious grilled mackerel dish.


  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 small whole mackerels, gutted and cleaned
  • 1 large red chili pepper, deseeded and finely chopped
  • 1 small garlic clove, finely chopped
  • small pieces of fresh ginger root, finely chopped
  • 2 tsp honey
  • finely grated zest and juice of 2 limes
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp Thai fish sauce


Cook mackerel
Simple, quick cooking methods are best
Mackerel. Frying, grilling, or broiling all work well because the oils drizzle themselves as they cook (the skin can stick to the pan when frying). Fruit
Goes well with the oily mackerel and is traditionally served with a spicy sauce such as gooseberry or rhubarb. It is also excellent when cooked
with oriental flavors, especially ginger, lime,
Coriander and spices.
Buy mackerel
Very fresh whole mackerel may still be in a state of rigor mortis and will be rigid and stiff. Once rigor mortis has passed, the fish should still be firm and not give when you press on the flesh. The eyes look glassy and the gills should be very deep red. The fillets should look firm and not have any discoloration. As the fish ages, the flesh becomes softer, the eyes become cloudy, and the gills turn brown. Freeze mackerel
Oil-rich fish should be cooled quickly after purchase and ideally eaten on the same day.
You can freeze mackerel, but it is better to freeze it commercially as the techniques used prevent any change in the texture of the fish. Use frozen mackerel within three months and always thaw in the refrigerator.

Preparation steps

  1. Light the grill and allow the flames to die down until the ashes have turned white from heat.
  2. Make the drizzle by whisking 2 tablespoons olive oil and all other ingredients together in a small bowl, adjusting the ratio of honey and lime to create a sharp sweetness. Season to taste.
  3. Score each side of the mackerel about six times, not all the way to the bone.
  4. Brush the fish with the remaining oil and season lightly.
  5. Grill the mackerel for 5-6 minutes on each side, until the fish is charred and the eyes turn white.
  6. Pour the drizzle over the fish and let it rest for 2-3 minutes before serving.

Nutritional Information

406 31g 6g 3g 2g 0g 29g 0.49g

Equipment and tools

To make this Grilled Mackerel with Ginger, Chili and Lime Drizzle recipe you will need:

  • Barbecue grill or grill pan
  • dulcimer
  • Knife
  • mixing bowl
  • Whisk or fork
  • Basting brush

Allergen information

This Grilled Mackerel with Ginger, Chili and Lime Drizzle recipe contains the following allergens:

  • Fish (mackerel)

Storage and leftovers

If you have leftover grilled mackerel with ginger, chilli and lime drizzle, it can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days. Make sure you store them in an airtight container to preserve freshness. When you’re ready to eat it, simply reheat the leftovers in a hot oven or microwave until warmed through.

Please note that the texture of the fish may change slightly when reheated, but it will still be delicious!

The health benefits of grilled mackerel with ginger, chilli and a squeeze of lime

Grilled mackerel with ginger, chili and lime drizzle is not only a delicious and aromatic dish, but also has health benefits. This recipe combines the natural goodness of mackerel with the antioxidant properties of ginger, the metabolism-stimulating effects of chili and the vitamin C content of lime. Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of this delicious dish:


Mackerel is a fatty fish that is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known to have numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and supporting brain function. They are also believed to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. It is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that may help reduce inflammation in the body and protect against chronic diseases such as cancer. Ginger also aids digestion, relieves nausea, and can even help relieve muscle pain and soreness.


Chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which gives them their spicy flavor. Capsaicin has been proven to have numerous health benefits, including boosting metabolism, reducing appetite, and increasing fat burning. It may also help reduce pain and inflammation and improve heart health.


Lime is rich in vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system and protect against oxidative stress. It also contains antioxidants that help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Lime can aid digestion, improve skin health, and even prevent kidney stones.

By combining these nutritious ingredients, Grilled Mackerel with Ginger, Chili and Lime will not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a range of health benefits. Whether you want to improve your heart health, boost your immune system, or aid digestion, this dish is a great addition to your diet.


  • When buying mackerel, look for fish that is firm, has no discoloration, has glassy eyes and deep red gills.
  • When freezing mackerel, opt for commercially frozen fish to preserve its texture. Thaw in the refrigerator and use within three months.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious meal of grilled mackerel with ginger, chili and lime. Try this recipe today and reap the health benefits!

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