Coconut rice and shrimp salad

Make a salad really summery with our delicious Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad. This vibrant dish combines fluffy, coconut-infused rice with succulent shrimp for a flavor experience that will transport you to a tropical paradise. The fragrant scent of coconut captivates your senses, while the marinated shrimp adds a touch of freshness. Garnished with crunchy vegetables and a zesty dressing, this salad is perfect for a light lunch or as a refreshing side dish. Give yourself a taste of summer with our Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad!


  • 200g basmati rice
  • 200 ml low-fat coconut milk
  • Zest and juice of 2 limes
  • 4 tbsp sweet chili sauce
  • 200g bag of frozen cooked large prawns, thawed
  • ½ cucumber, halved and sliced ​​diagonally
  • a handful of coriander leaves, chopped
  • 100g pack of snow peas, halved lengthways

Preparation steps

  1. Put the rice in a pot with the coconut milk and enough cold water to cover it to fingernail height.
  2. Bring to a boil and then cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until the liquid has evaporated.
  3. Stir, cover, remove from heat and stir until fluffy, 5 minutes.
  4. Transfer to a plate to cool quickly.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare a dressing by whisking together lime zest, juice and sweet chili sauce.
  6. Stir the shrimp into the dressing and set aside while the rice cools.
  7. Fluff the rice with a fork and mix with the cucumber, coriander leaves and snow peas.
  8. Serve in bowls topped with shrimp and dressing.

Nutritional Information

293 6g 5g 46g 5g 1g 17g 2.16g


Coconut rice and shrimp salad

Equipment and tools

No special equipment or tools are required for this recipe.

Allergen information

This recipe contains shrimp and may not be suitable for those with shellfish allergies.

Storage and leftovers

This salad is best served fresh and is not recommended for storing as leftovers.


  • 200g basmati rice
  • 200 ml low-fat coconut milk
  • Zest and juice of 2 limes
  • 4 tbsp sweet chili sauce
  • 200g bag of frozen cooked large prawns, thawed
  • ½ cucumber, halved and sliced ​​diagonally
  • A handful of chopped coriander leaves
  • 100g pack of snow peas, halved lengthways

Health Benefits of Coconut Rice and Shrimp Salad

When it comes to creating a dish that is not only delicious but also nutritious, coconut rice shrimp salad is a great choice. Packed with a variety of ingredients that provide numerous health benefits, this salad is a great addition to any meal plan. Let’s explore the incredible health benefits of the key components:

1. Basmati rice

Basmati rice, the base of this salad, is a long grain rice known for its fragrant aroma and unique taste. Its low fat content and high fiber content also make it a healthy choice as it aids digestion and helps you feel fuller for longer. Basmati rice is also a good source of energy and rich in important vitamins and minerals.

2. Low-fat coconut milk

The addition of low-fat coconut milk not only gives the salad a creamy consistency but also offers several health benefits. Coconut milk contains healthy fats that can help lower bad cholesterol and improve heart health. It is also rich in minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining overall body function.

3. Lime

The zest and juice of limes not only provide a refreshing and tangy taste, but also contribute to the nutritional value of the salad. Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C, known for its immune-boosting properties. They also provide antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and reduce inflammation.

4. Sweet chili sauce

Although this ingredient is often used for its spiciness, sweet chili sauce can also provide health benefits. While it’s important to consume it in moderation due to its sugar content, sweet chili sauce contains capsaicin, a compound that can boost metabolism and aid weight loss. It also contains vitamin A and is a good source of antioxidants.

5. Boiled large shrimps

Shrimp, the star of this salad, is packed with essential nutrients, making it a healthy choice. They are low in calories and high in protein, which is crucial for repairing and building tissue. Shrimp are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support heart health, and are a good source of vitamins B12 and E.

6. Cucumber

Including cucumbers in the salad not only provides a refreshing tang but also offers several health benefits. Cucumbers are hydrating due to their high water content, making them ideal for maintaining proper hydration levels. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals and at the same time low in calories.

7. Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves, also known as coriander, not only provide a fresh and vibrant taste, but also offer numerous health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants and have been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Coriander leaves are also a good source of vitamin K, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones.

8. Sugar snap peas

With their crunchy texture, snow peas are a nutritious addition to this salad. They contain fiber, which aids digestion and supports a healthy digestive system. Sugar snap peas are also rich in vitamin C and other important vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and promote overall well-being.

By combining these nutritious ingredients, Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad not only satisfies your taste buds but also nourishes your body with various health benefits. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty dish while maintaining a balanced diet.

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