Banana pancakes with crispy bacon and syrup

Treat yourself to a decadent morning feast with our irresistible recipe for Banana Pancakes with Crispy Bacon and Syrup. Please note that this dish contains pork and is not suitable for Muslims. These delicious American-style pancakes melt effortlessly in your mouth, while the addition of pancetta and a heavenly maple syrup takes your brunch experience to new levels.


  • 8 slices smoked bacon (or pancetta strips)
  • 140g self-raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 2 tbsp light soft brown sugar
  • 2 ripe bananas, 1 mashed, 1 thinly sliced
  • 2 large eggs
  • 25g butter, melted, plus a little more
  • 125 ml milk
  • maple syrup

Preparation steps

  1. Heat the grill to high.
  2. Arrange the bacon on a foil-lined baking sheet.
  3. Fry the bacon for 5-7 minutes until crispy.
  4. Turn off the grill, but leave the tray in so the bacon stays warm.
  5. In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, sugar and a pinch of salt.
  6. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients.
  7. Add the mashed banana, eggs, butter and milk to the well.
  8. Mix the ingredients until a smooth dough forms.
  9. Heat some butter in a large frying pan.
  10. Once the butter sizzles, add small dollops of pancake batter to the pan.
  11. Leave some space between each dollop or they will spread.
  12. Place 2 or 3 banana slices on the surface of each pancake.
  13. Cook the pancakes for 2 minutes over medium heat.
  14. If bubbles form between the banana slices, flip the pancakes over.
  15. Cook another 1 minute until risen and golden brown.
  16. Place the finished pancakes on a plate and keep warm with the bacon.
  17. Serve the pancakes with crispy bacon and drizzle with maple syrup.

Nutritional Information

411 16g 8g 56g 30g 2g 11g 1.6g

Equipment and tools

  • mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • frying pan
  • spatula
  • Knife
  • dulcimer

Allergen information

This recipe contains the following allergens:

  • Bacon (or pancetta) – contains pork
  • Wheat – self-raising flour
  • Eggs
  • milk

Storage and leftovers

If there are any leftovers, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to eat, reheat the pancakes in a toaster or microwave until warm. The crispy bacon may lose its crispiness after refrigeration. Serve with maple syrup.

Health Benefits of Banana Pancakes with Crispy Bacon and Syrup

When it comes to breakfast, there’s nothing better than a stack of warm and fluffy pancakes. Although traditional pancakes may not always be the healthiest option, adding nutrient-dense ingredients can transform this classic dish into a nutritious meal. An example of this is the irresistible combination of banana pancakes with crispy bacon and syrup. Not only does this dish offer a delicious mix of flavors and textures, but it also offers several health benefits.

1. Rich in protein

Including bacon in this recipe adds a significant amount of protein to your pancake meal. Protein is an essential nutrient that plays an important role in building and repairing body tissue, supporting healthy muscle growth, and providing a feeling of satiety. By combining the protein-rich bacon with the eggs and milk in the pancake batter, you can enjoy a balanced breakfast that will keep you full for hours.

2. Good source of fiber

Making pancakes with ripe bananas is a great way to get more fiber into your diet. Bananas are a great source of fiber, which promotes good digestion and helps maintain a healthy gut. Including fiber in your meals can also help with weight management by creating a feeling of fullness and preventing overeating.

3. Essential vitamins and minerals

Bananas are full of important vitamins and minerals and are therefore a valuable addition to your breakfast. They contain potassium, which is crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure and proper muscle function. In addition, bananas provide vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium. These nutrients play an important role in supporting overall health, strengthening your immune system, and supporting energy production.

4. Lower calorie option

By using self-rising flour, baking powder, and slightly softened brown sugar, this recipe provides a healthier alternative to traditional pancake batter. Compared to pancakes made with regular flour and excessive amounts of sugar, these banana pancakes offer a lower calorie option. This can be particularly beneficial for people who are watching their calorie intake or trying to maintain a healthy weight.

5. Natural sweetness and antioxidants

Maple syrup used as a topping for these pancakes not only enhances the flavor but also adds some natural sweetness. Unlike artificial sweeteners, maple syrup is a more natural option and contains beneficial antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful free radicals, reduce the risk of chronic disease and support overall well-being.

With the combination of protein-rich bacon, fiber-rich bananas, and the added benefits of essential nutrients, these Crispy Bacon and Syrup Banana Pancakes can be a delicious and healthier breakfast choice. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious and filling breakfast option or just crave a tasty treat, this dish offers both flavor and nutrition.

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